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From: Thomas Prellberg 
Subject: aviz installation
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Dear Joan,

This is just to let you know that I managed to install aviz with the Suse
Linux rpm. There is one thing you should add to your installations page:

When trying to install it with

> rpm  -i aviz-5.6-0.i386.rpm

one may get an error message

> error: failed dependencies:
> is needed by aviz-5.6-0

In my understanding (which may be wrong) this may have to do with the rpm
expecting a particular video driver to be present, and appears to be
independent of the precise version of Suse Linux used (we have 7.3, 8.1,
8.2, 9.0).  However, it seems perfectly safe to install with the check for
dependencies turned off, i.e.

> rpm --nodeps -i aviz-5.6-0.i386.rpm

Then, like magic, everything works well. What a pretty program!

Best wishes,


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