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see here for links to a newer version suited to redhat enterprise, and for answers to problems that may arise during installation


AViz binaries/RPMs

aviz-5.6-0.i386.rpm (current; Linux RedHat 8.0)
aviz-5.6-0.i386.rpm (current; Linux RedHat 7.2)
aviz-5.6-0.i386.rpm (current; Linux RedHat 7.3)
aviz-4.6-4.i386.rpm (Linux RedHat 7.0)
aviz-5.6-0.i386.rpm (current; Suse Linux)
Installation instructions

AViz source code

aviz-5.6-0.src.rpm (Linux RedHat 8.0)
aviz-5.6-0.src.rpm (Linux RedHat 7.3)
aviz-5.6-0.src.rpm (Linux RedHat 7.0)
aviz-4.6-4.src.rpm (Linux RedHat 7.0)

aviz-5.6.tar.gz (current; UNIX tarball)
aviz-4.6.tar.gz (UNIX tarball)

Installation instructions

Example data files Aluminium drop -- prepared by Adham Hashibon Amorphous Diamond-like Carbon -- prepared by Anastasia Sorkin Vanadium groundstate -- prepared by Slava Sorkin Al2O3 groundstate -- prepared by Geri Wagner
movie3.tar.gz Tar file of 250 .png files for an animated gif of diamond -- simulation by David Saada; animation in Vi3d by Irina Rosenbaum and conversion to AViz by Joan Adler.See also .xyz files.
sin.tar.gz Tar file of 190 .xyz files for a sine wave passing thru three-dimensional spins located in one spatial dimension -- prepared by Nir Schreiber
If you wish to have your visualization or datafiles linked from this site please let us know. Datafile installation instructions


Conversion utility for other dataformats

convert.f The routine convert.f can be used to convert datafiles in the format of the old Technion CompPhys Vi3d visualization routines to the AViz .xyz format

tmake Qt Makefile utility RPM

tmake-1.7-2.noarch.rpm The Qt Makefile utility tmake is needed during source installation; an RPM file is provided here for the convenience of Linux users