New Developments

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  • Latest installation advice here.
  • Older installation advice here.
  • The precompiled AViz RPM binaries are prepared under Linux RedHat 7.0, Linux RedHat 8.0, and SUSE Linux. (For special problems with SUSE contact Adham Hashibon, or read a note from Thomas Prellberg.)

  • New information from Shay Oldek for compilation on ia64 RedHat 4.4 platform

  • Two new links from Eduardo about qt and other compiling problems on SUSE and color gradients

  • New information from Amihai for compilation on RedHat 4.1 platform

  • What should I do if I get an error:``This system has no OpenGL support. Exiting''?

  • Recommended for easy installation - the rpms for AViz for polymers by Yuval ready for Redhat enterprise.