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Overview and Installation

OVERVIEW: We are a group of Computational Physicists doing atomistic simulations who want to visualize tens to thousands of atoms in an interactive and animated form. See recent conference talks about AViz and some manuscripts by the authors for the story behind the software. We want to share AViz with other users whom we hope will also participate in the future development.

DOWNLOAD: You can download the latest version and try it out. You will need to have Mesa or OpenGL and Qt installed by your system manager on your machine, if they are not already there (both come with most newer versions of LINUX). Then you can install AViz in your personal account by yourself from our tar file.

INSTALLATION: If the Mesa/ OpenGL and Qt libraries are installed on your machine, compiling and installing AViz is straightforward

AViz has been installed successfully on different UNIX machines

Running AViz

AViz is used though an intuitive point-and-click user interface

DATA FILES: AViz reads ASCII data files in a very simple format

MANUAL: A preliminary version of a full manual exists

OUTPUT: AViz can produce screen shots of the renderings in PNG image file format

ANIMATIONS: AViz makes it easy to create sequences of image files, ready to be turned into animations

COMMAND LINE OPTIONS: AViz supports the usual X11 and Qt command line options plus a range of specific command line options

ANIMATED GIF, MPEG and MOVIES: AViz can be used to prepare .png files suitable for editing into animated gif files, mpegs and video movies. Some instructions are given here. See also the MPEG hompage.


We hope you find AViz useful for your research and presentation. In addition to keeping the copyright conditions linked above, we would appreciate a citation of the manuscript about this package which will appear in ``Computer Simulation Studies in Condensed Matter Physics XIV'', Eds. D. P. Landau, S. P. Lewis, and H. B. Schuttler (Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, Berlin, 2001).

Credit and Acknowledgements

This project is an extension of the Vi3d visualization package that we developed several years ago. Vi3d was developed by Adham Hashibon and David Saada with help from Batia Peri of the Technion Computer Center Consultant Group and extended for animated recording by Irina Rosenblum. The AViz project was developed by Geri Wagner and Adham Hashibon with other group members and Francesca Tavazza of UGA being the experimental users. Support of the Israel Science Ministry, and the German Israel Foundation (GIF) and the US-Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF) for the projects of Joan Adler and the Computational Physics Group at the Technion was essential for obtaining the research results whose presentation necessitated development of AViz.

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