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PROJECTS in Computational Physics - 2015

Completed (graded) project sites linked from the student's name; see also last years projects and projects from two years ago here and a manuscript about them. Where applicable initials of the student's supervisor/co-superviser or people who proposed topic given in research details.

Alyssa Kostadinov
Zeeman Effect (class project)
[C and PGPLOT - Physics3/Quantum Mechanics 1] complete and graded

Lilach Saltoun
Wulff Construction
[Fortran/MATLAB and AViz - Research] with Emil Polturak, complete and graded

Omri Harosh
Percolation in diamond
[LAMMPS and AViz - Research] with R. Kalish and A. Silverman - complete and graded

Michael Kislev
Graphene (class project)
[LAMMPS and AViz - Research] Complete and graded

Samer Nasser
Lattice database
[AViz - Research] with JA - complete and graded, database access on request.

Liran Sharir
[WebGL - Research] with JA and V. Privman - complete and graded

Shaked Elfenbein
[Analog - Education] with JA - complete and graded, includes Hebrew explanation of Liran Sharir website

Lattice Boltzman algorithm
[Lattice-Boltzman with GPU] with JA - complete. runs on phelafelnew and phony5

Kfir Kurchuk (classproject) - project will be linked after research paper published

Updated February, 2016