Links to programs

  • This page summarises the computer routines used in Joan Adler's Computational Physics class, 2012/13 version.
  • Some links are to tar files that include the named files. When there are additional files in the tar file or directory with UPPER case names these need to be present in the compiling directory; if a link is to a tar file, then both these and the named code are contained in the tar.
  • Primary writers of original codes are JA=Joan Adler, AS=Amihai Silverman, GT=Gould and Tobochnik, K=Koonin and Meredith, other acknowledgements given as comments in the files, or README files. If no links given the routines are straight from KOONIN and MEREDITH as given there.

    I sometimes flip the order to bring HPC earlier. All instructions for compiling are at the notes for that week, online at
    Week TOPIC routines type (source)
    1 general sur2012.f FORTRAN (JA)
    2 plot graph cplot.f FORTRAN (AS/PGPLOT)
    2, ctd random walks rwalk1.f, rwalk2.f, urand.f FORTRAN (GT/PGPLOT)
    3 derivatives,quadrature,roots - FORTRAN(K)
    4 ODEs (chaos) ex2.f FORTRAN(K/PGPLOT)
    5 boundary DE (T.I. Schroedinger) exam3.f FORTRAN(K/PGPLOT)
    6 molecular dynamics, vizualization with AViz AViz data file
    7 special functions/gaussian quadrature mathexam MATHEMATICA (roots)
    7, ctd special functions/gaussian quadrature gquad.f example for using Numerical Recipes
    8 MC integration, Ising model several Ising c/F90
    8, ctd simulated annealing screen3.f FORTRAN(AS/PGPLOT)
    9 percolation pro.f FORTRAN(GT/PGPLOT)
    10 series expansions/pade approximants padgraph MATHEMATICA
    11 PDEs (T.D. Schroedinger) pspage.f and param.e7 KOONIN/PGPLOT
    12 granular media carina.f FORTRAN(carina/PGPLOT)
    12, ctd adaptive optics (simulated annealing) teleg.f FORTRAN(PGPLOT)
    13 parallel computing tamMPI.html c/FORTRAN