Computational Physics Seminar 13th September 2016, 14:30, Room 620, Lidow Physics Building,

Simulation of nanotube width and vibrations

Omri Adler, Physics Department, Technion

Abstract: This research concerns predicting nanotube vibrational modes and their correlated frequencies, and calculating the influence of an attached molecule, such as DNA, on the nanotube's vibrational frequencies. Simulation of nanotubes helps understand the behavior of such nanoscale structures. Developing a protocol to simulate these vibrations with attached molecules is a major step in understanding how to weigh such very small objects which currently cannot be weighed easily by other commonly used methods. It could open the way to further understanding of biological nanoscale objects, such as DNA.


Spring Semester 2017 time/date to be fixed. Please contact Joan Adler (phr76ja@tx.technion.ac.il) if you would like to make a presentation.

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